A big question I have been asked over the last few days is why have you developed 4 $7 service sites and who are they aimed at.

Well as you may know, the reason for re structuring my business was to not have to follow one line and not have so many sites all targeting the same audience. You see the aim is to spread the reach and yet create a funnel at the same time.

So each of the $7 sites have been created to offer services and products to those in different areas and different abilities etc, all so they can link back to my other sites where appropriate.

Cash Track Bar – is designed to be a cash earning tracker at a really affordable price point, Mainly aimed at those just starting out in Traffic Exchanges, Mailers, PTC etc, those that want a affordable tracker with the opportunity to earn its cost back in just 2 referrals. This helps me show those not in affiliate marketing how easy it can be to earn real money promoting as an affiliate.

Brand A Splash – Is an affordable splash page maker that suits those in traffic exchanges that want an easy way to promote a product or service that they can change easily once inside without having to update all their links at every TE etc.

Daily Mail Blaster – This lets me target those from other internet marketing niches that maybe are unsure what a mailer is and or confused by all the mention of credits etc, Gives me the ability with a great offer to convince them to try mailers and lead on to my other mailing programs.

7 Dollar Ads – This is a way of selling banner advertising on all my $7 sites as well as a site that appeals to those that buy advertising and traffic from pages that have traffic packages for sale on main pages etc. This will bring in traffic buyers to my funnel.

and the hub 7 Dollar Sites is a opportunity to profit from all 4 as an affiliate as well as being promoted in a way that shows its full income opportunity potential, specifically aimed at those clicking for pennies or the paid to click market that are unsure on promoting as an affiliate and have not realised that there is more money to be made promoting things that pay commissions than clicking for pennies.

So there you have it, Inter link them with the set up funnel at my main 4 sites and you can see how not only do I have some great back end sales products and services but now the ability to pull into the funnel from a variety of places with specific services that will grow the funnel and reach for everyone promoting at my sites.

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  1. Nick Schultz says:

    Steve, Great Post with some real good information. I like the way you think. In my opinion the secret for success in internet marketing is focus, focus, focus. We spread Ourselves to thin by joining the next shiny program. You have product and services people can use and recommend and make money with. I’m going to follow my own advice and start to focus more on your sites.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Thank you Nick, there some good programs in there for earning affiliate commissions with 😉

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