Those of you that are active members at my sites will know I have been building and opening the 7 Dollar Sites Network since the start of the year (This is the main reason I have not been very active on here)

Anyway let me introduce you the the new network. The 7 Dollar Sites Network is a trading division of, Although owned by me it is run with the help of a few others and has its own hub site and support desk.

The network consists of 4 sites:

Cash Track Bar – A website tracking bar that also earns you 50% affiliate commissions if people join from clicking the bar shown above your sites.

Brand A Splash – Simply enter your name, and any program you wish to promote and you instantly have 12 ready made splash pages that promote the chosen site/opportunity and brand your name and pic.

Daily Mail Blaster – A mailer that you can mail daily without the need for credits – something different in the mailer world.

7 Dollar Ads – Affordable banner advertising shown across the entire 7 Dollar Sites network and also incorporates a great affiliate program.

Those are the 4 sites that make up the 7 Dollar Network however there is one last part of this venture. is a hub for the 7 Dollar Sites and also doubles up as a affiliate tool that is perfect for promoting all 4 sites in one go. This industry is full of people looking to make money online and one of the easiest ways is by promoting other peoples products and service. 7DollarSites incorporates this into a opportunity style sales page that has promoters affiliate links embedded inside. This is a great way to start affiliate marketing and you can earn a cool $68 per referral.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my new network and as you can see there are services that are aimed at everyone in this industry, Real quality services at a really affordable price.

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