You will know if you have followed anything that I have been doing over the past few years that the quality of traffic means a lot to me in the Traffic Exchange business.

It is no secret that I am not a fan of surf to collect this, surf chat where people swap referral links instead of joining from the person that posted the ad and also no fan of the short timer. This is where the people that say the timer does not matter think here we go again lol, To me it benefits two people only, The owner who can deliver lots more traffic and the power surfer who has no intention of looking at the ads. People will argue it does not matter and if it didn’t to me then I would adopt it too, But I have been tracking for years and crappy 2 second timers get hardly any results fact.

Anyway, today is a big day for traffic exchanges because another TE has launched and this one does concentrate on quality and making people pay attention. The way it does this is it has a base surf ratio and then an attention bonus. You must answer what the last site was to get the bonus and this shows up every 20 pages.

So to get the most from your time it pays to pay attention. If you dont you will only get half the benefit.

This should also mean higher quality traffic and not just that, It still offers a cool 50% affiliate commission another thing I am a big believer in is paying commissions where they are due. Plus its all set up with reasonable pricing so you get better quality without breaking the bank.

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  1. I believe you are right about the timers and about surfers only looking for some bonus other than looking at the ads themselves. I don,’t like a lot of distractions either when surfing. I have stumbled with my own site and have made the quick timer errors because “Everyone else was doing it”

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