Yesterday I decided to make some big changes at Cash Track Bar and I would like to take a moment to explain why.

Every now and then I like to address issues that create a few support tickets and it was evident that Cash Track Bar was a site that created a few because people did not understand how it all worked and how to set it up.

We did have tutorial videos on the instructions page however not many people watched them.

I have now removed the instruction page and added new smaller videos and instructions to each page instead.

Now it is a lot simpler, you simply add sites. Manage your bars by setting them up and inserting your added sites into the bars and then view stats.

I have reworded pages too and created new buttons with better wordings on and the whole team feel this is a major improvement.

Nothing changes in relation to what you get or your existing bars etc this is just a new look and set up for the bar management part.

Check out the changes by clicking the banner below

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