I Am Making Some Changes To Keep My Business Moving Forward
Due to industry changes I am making some changes to my sites to keep the business viable and the advertising and service quality high.
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So unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last month you will know that a major Payment Processor decided to stop doing business with the advertising industry but what caused this?

Firstly I spoke to a lady from Payza who pointed out a few things when they categorised a couple of my sites as multi level sites when they are all strictly one level direct referral programs so I asked why.

It turns out that Payment Processors and Credit Card companies have decided this area of business is high risk and therefore the reason for Payza categorising us as M L M was because that category has higher fees and thats whats applicable now to sites with higher risk. 

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The last few weeks in our online advertising niche has been a very interesting time and not for good reasons.

It seems that due to (In the main) unknown reasons that our most popular payment processor has decided that it no longer wants to do business with much of this niche anymore.

This is something I thought might happen after they decided to go down the route of debit cards, small mobile terminals for shop and off line business owners and by having themselves accepted in lots of major physical shops. 

Coupled with that the fact that some less than desirable site owners decided to use our industries business model as a front for some money making investment scam site. 

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I have noticed a lot of other owners request an update to the LFMTE script that would add extra months to the Startpage or Spotlight calendar on actually both the LFMTE script and also the LFMVM.

I have some instructions on how you can simply do this yourself below.

The instructions are for the LFMTE startpage however the area which you duplicate is pretty much the same on the spotlight.php page that features in both the TE and Mailer script so if you wish to edit that you will need to copy the similar area that is shown within the blue commas from the spotlight.php file as the wording changes from startpage to spotlight.

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