I have been doing Internet Marketing now for 13 Years (Give or take a month or two) and I have bought and downloaded, listened and read my way through countless products and services to learn how to actually make a full time living doing this.

I had to pause in shock there for a moment realising that this is my 7th year of doing this as my full time income as the first years were a part time effort building my business along side a full time job.

I cans till remember the days now going to work,

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There are new sites that launch every month, in fact we see the same old mailers and traffic exchanges launch all the time. A lot are very similar and full of the same features.

So when something a bit different comes along then I like to take a really good look at it.

That was very easy to do with Banner Magician because it was me that built it.

I have known Mark Fox the owner for a long time now and he is expanding his business all the time, building up a nice network of sites and when he heard that I was starting to build sites that were a bit different to your normal Mailers and Traffic exchanges then he jumped at the chance to be the first to get one.

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All the time I get support tickets asking me where I promote and where I get my traffic from etc. People just want to know how I make a full time living online marketing but they dont seem to see my sites around a lot.

The answer to that is I probably dont get good enough results at the places that you are using etc.

I track my advertising and like to use the places that not only bring the most signups but the places that bring the most sales too.

Some argue its about numbers in Traffic Exchanges etc ie the more you get seen the better but its more than that,

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A new site opened its doors today and it is sure to drive your traffic crazy.

A good friend of mine is Connie Hogan and today she opened her first site online. Introducing Truck Loads Of Ads

This site has a small $10 entry fee and inside you will find thousands and thousands of Traffic Exchange credits, Mailer credits, Banner impressions and Text link impressions and much more great advertising too.

This advertising is not at the site itself, It is from a whole host of popular traffic sites that you probably are already a member of many.

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