My Sites

Here are some small descriptions of my advertising sites.

A free to join manual traffic exchange where you can promote your websites, banners and text links by either trading time viewing others ads in exchange for having yours seen or by purchasing views and impressions at very reasonable rates.

A free to join mailer where you can trade time by clicking links in emails from other members to earn credits to have your websites, banners and links seen by other members or you can purchase views and impressions at very reasonable rates.

Works in the same way as my free to join traffic exchange but this one is built inside a system that guarantees you earn cash commissions for every active member as it is a pro only TE so all members must pay a joining fee. This cuts out all the freebie seekers and means your advertising to proven buyers only.

Again this works in the same way as my free to join mailer however all members must pay a one off joining fee here so it cuts out the freebie seekers and means you are only advertising to proven buyers so you are guaranteed commissions on each active referral.

The first of my $7 sites which means you can get lifetime access for just a one time payment of just $7. This gives you use of my tracking bar which you can add your sites under the bar and when showing the bar URL instead of your site URL it will not only track where your ads were seen but it can also generate you 50% commissions if others join from your bar.

The second of my $7 lifetime access sites is this great personalised splash maker. You can add the details (Banner image, affiliate link, text description) for any site you want to promote and it will create a host of splash pages automatically that not only promote the site you chose but also displays your picture and name meaning it brands you at the same time. People buy from people they know..

My 3rd $7 Lifetime access site allows you to blast out your email every single day to 250-750 proven buyers without the need for racking up credits to do so like at most mailers. All that is required is to simply click a small amount of links as a token gesture to other members before sending and your email is blasted out. Mailing 250-750 proven buyers here can be like mailing 75,000 at a free mailer. How many mailers do you know have 750 upgraded members?

The 4th and final $7 lifetime access site is a banner advertising site where you can add your 125×125 square banners and have them seen not just on all of the $7 entry sites but also on pages that are displayed all over the internet too. You can even top up on banners whenever you want for low low prices. Your first lot of impressions is included in your $7 access fee so get started today.

This is the hub of all four of the $7 lifetime access sites, this is where you can not only get support for the $7 sites but it also acts as a place where you can sign in and add your 4 referral links for the 4 $7 sites and promote this hub directly and that will promote all 4 sites for you with your referral links in. Members that join here under you can then simply join the 4 $7 entry sites by using just one click as it auto fills in their details on the signup pages. The best part is this site is completely free to join and use.

I actually build sites for other people, in fact have done for the last 5 or so years and you probably already have joined one that I built without even knowing. Some big names in this business own and operate sites that I built for them and here at this site you can own your own cash spitting website too. Simply signup for free and have a look what sites I currently have for sale. You can also signup to other peoples sites and be a JV Launch partner when they open too.

Obviously this is where you are now, my hub and blog where you can actually sign up to my members area and then access even more cool stuff like my top 10 TE & Mailer rankings. My Affiliate center that provides easy access to all your affiliate links for my sites, a place to purchase great products, my awesome traffic co-op where you can piggy back on my advertising efforts and also collect and redeem Steve Points which are my very own reward system.


Thank you for taking the time to read about my sites. You can get more information on each one from the sites main sales page by clicking the links or the banners. All links open in a new window so that you do not loose this page 🙂