Okay so maybe thats just an English saying but Jack here is short for Jack S*** which is another saying for Nothing.

So whats the point of this post, Well really to get something off my chest and alert you all to it.

So we all know that there are various ranking sites out there that state these are the best Traffic Exchanges and These are the best TE’s and a lot of people actually trust them and never test them. I know a few people that will only use the ones in the top 10 of a certain ranker.

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If you own a LFMTE or LFMVM site then you may have come across a question from a member that they have tried to claim a Promo Code or a Surf Code but it says it has been claimed but does not show on the claim page as recently claimed codes.

The reason is the script only shows codes claimed within the last year (I think within a year but it has been so long since I changed mine I cant remember the default). All other codes do not show on that page so if you had a say welcome bonus code after a year they might look on the claimed page and think they have not claimed it but then when they try it would tell them they have.

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Ok, So I was sorting out my bookmarks into different folders and I came across my referral link for Traffic Swarm.

I decided as in the past I loved that site to head on over and check it out. When I got their as it is one of those sites that your credit balance is used automatically until its gone I had no credits there. My ads were old too so I decided to add a couple of new ones.

So I wanted to really check it out and see who was promoting what there so next job was to open up the surf page and click on some ads.

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Over the last 6 months I have made a lot of changes to my sites so that they focus more on the real reason that advertising sites exist, and it would be nice now to see others take action too.

The changes I made after realizing that the exchange industry had been changing for the worse started a couple of years back when I limited surfing and removed all the cash rewards for surfing etc.

You see the real point of a Traffic Exchange and any free advertising resource is actually right there in the name.

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I have made some much asked for changes to the Surf 123 promo and I think you are going to like them.

The promotion if you are not aware consists of a select group of TE’s that show the Surf 123 page on the 123rd page that you view/surf that day.

By entering your Steve Ayling username you can collect free Steve Points which by now you should know are redeemable for real advertising and also a host of great downloadable products etc.

The promo before used to reward you with between 0.02 and 0.10 Steve Points for finding the page at each TE in the list each day and that did equate to up to 0.80 points per day.

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