So while many traffic exchanges pay people for surfing and that is seen as the way to go to keep an exchange moving and growing I as always like to do things a little differently.

You see we need a balance of not just advertisers but also some surfers to look at those ads, New people coming in to see the ads you all show. Sometimes it is required to have little cash bribes as people can just go to another Traffic Exchange and surf one that does bribe them.

I mean we don’t feel the need to bribe the advertisers as we are very happy with the results generated here for those buying credits or surfing to show their sites. That takes care of grabbing the advertisers the main focus of our site, you know what they say, deliver quality and people will buy 🙂

However that then leaves that little attraction of bringing in a few from other places to see your sites. Like I said my main focus is a traffic exchange that runs on the why they was originally created theory that we want people exchanging traffic, I still want to expose your ads to new people that might want to start getting that thinking method and start building a business but like a few of the big players about today some of them come from a background of chasing a few pence here and there.

So I have added a new feature. Sell your excess credits at Just Good Traffic.

So now anyone that surfs and wants to earn a few pence here and there can sell back excess traffic to admin which is good for a couple of reasons.

1) it means less useless sites in rotation (You know the ones where people add google just because they have to have a site but are really here surfing for a few pennies.

2) Those that come with a more business mind, ie surf collect and sell credits are a little more likely to be the sort that can see the speculate to accumulate business model.

3) It opens up more traffic that advertisers can buy enabling us to yet again reduce our prices.

So if you have excess credits that you no longer need you can now login and hit the sell link in the menu.

The price offered will vary from time to time depending on demand, for example if a lot buy credits and we need to get some back we will pay more for them. If there is not quite as much demand then the price will be lower.

So, we are sure this new feature will be met with mixed reviews, some owners that ay cash to surf will just say its exactly the same and some will see the more business mentality behind it. Haters are always going to hate lol.

Just look at it with an open mind, those that surf here and auto assign say half their credits can not only use half for promoting a business opportunity while starting to grow a business but can also use the other half to sell and build that little immediate income like they do at pTC sites etc.

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  1. Ellen Quinones says:

    Could not find the sell link. 🙁

    • Steve Ayling says:

      It is only there when we need to buy credits back. At the moment there are not enough sites rotating so we are not buying any back at this time until more members add sites and use credits for that.

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