Well Christmas is fast approaching and it is funny how people remember little things.

I got a support ticket asking when I was putting the snow on my websites this year 🙂

Well the good news is that the snow is now back as well as the Christmas headers too.

I will also be running my 12 Days Around Christmas promo again this year where I have a free gift for you each day and that will again start on the 21st December so keep watching this blog for that.

Back to the Christmas decorations on websites.

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Happy New Year everyone, We are now in 2017 and I am sure this is going to be a great year for us, At first some changes will seem odd, but when we get used to them this industry can grow and thrive like before.

I hope everyone enjoyed the new year celebrations and had a really good time, My head is pounding and I danced all the way to the office this morning. I am going back to bed tho to sleep more.

So as we come to an end of my 12 Days Around Christmas promo we end where we started but better 🙂

The first day I gave you $0.50 Steve Points and today I am doubling that to give you $1.00 worth of points for you to use however you see fit,

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It is the last day of the year and what an interesting and eventful year it has been. So much has gone on this year and the industry has changed a lot because of it. I feel that it is only the start of changes too and you will notice a lot more sites go offline because of the events this year.

That is a key reason why as someone who does this full time I have to change too and you will soon see the changes taking shape, I am hoping to be done by the end of January and then we will crack on for the future.

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Well not many more gifts to go sadly, But im starting to go broke with the value of gifts we are giving out lol.

So what goodies do I have for you on day 10?

How about 500 125×125 banner impressions that are shown at both Easy Cash Advertising System and also at Just good Traffic.

You need to claim this prize and add your banners at Easy Cash Advertising System as that is where the banners are delivered from so login there and use surf code 500SBAN12 (You need to surf 5 pages as a token gesture for banner impressions to be added to your account as that is how this script works)

Your banners will be shown then on both sites but make sure you assign them soon as this feature will be changing in the coming weeks.

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This is becoming a daily automatic task to post each day, I will be at a loss what to do on the 2nd January when its all over lol.

Anyway on to todays free gift and we have another double credits booster for you but this time at Mail Our list.

This means you can really rack up those credits today..

Simply enter promo code 12DAYS30MOL and your double credits booster will start immediately so make sure you only redeem the code when your ready to click those emails.

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