I Am Making Some Changes To Keep My Business Moving Forward
Due to industry changes I am making some changes to my sites to keep the business viable and the advertising and service quality high.
You Can Visit The Changes Page For More Info By Clicking Here

Are you ready to get your hands on one or all four Amazon gift cards and treat yourself to something nice.

To celebrate the new video sales pages at the four $7 sites and the fact that they are converting a lot better than the sales pages did I wanted to tempt you to give them a bit of promotion again.

So I have put together 4 sales contests and all in all you could win $100 worth of Amazon gift cards just by promoting your affiliate links. 

Amazon Gift Cards

The contests run separately on each site so you can choose to just promote one or all of them,

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A big question I have been asked over the last few days is why have you developed 4 $7 service sites and who are they aimed at.

Well as you may know, the reason for re structuring my business was to not have to follow one line and not have so many sites all targeting the same audience. You see the aim is to spread the reach and yet create a funnel at the same time.

So each of the $7 sites have been created to offer services and products to those in different areas and different abilities etc,

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Those of you that are active members at my sites will know I have been building and opening the 7 Dollar Sites Network since the start of the year (This is the main reason I have not been very active on here)

Anyway let me introduce you the the new network. The 7 Dollar Sites Network is a trading division of SteveAyling.com, Although owned by me it is run with the help of a few others and has its own hub site and support desk.

The network consists of 4 sites:

Cash Track Bar

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