If you have not noticed yet I have a new way of selling upgrades at my sites and that is with the Get More Marketing Pass.

As an owner of multiple sites I wanted to streamline how I was able to work with those that invest in themselves and want to get the best out of advertising online so I decided the way forward was a marketing club where I could network and work with the members there.

As you will know there are a lot of people in the industry that are here for collecting trinkets,

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Ok so the great news is that after all my restructuring I have just about completed all the changes and I am very happy to be able to introduce to you my Get More Marketing Club.

So after a lot of work I wanted to simplify and streamline my business a bit more and really start to work with and reward those that take action and invest in their businesses by way of upgrading their accounts etc.

I also needed to take some steps to make the sites more sustainable after recent industry events and I think the changes will mean that they will be great viable advertising sources for a long time to come.

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