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I have put together a selection of special deals for Black Friday and you can see them all below:

(I have a policy of not having lots of login offers for specials on items already available in the members area as the prices inside are our always low prices. This means you get the same price whenever you chose to buy. So to stick with this all deals here are not packages available inside with exception of the login ads but only selected dates are reduced meaning you cant get them at the normal full price anyway)

Because of the above policy,

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I thought I would write a round up of all the cool new things added to my sites this week πŸ™‚

It has been a busy time but we added some great new stuff that I think you will like. Plus some of them give you more traffic and some can give you great cash prizes too πŸ™‚ – This week we have changed the promo schedule to include a brand new promotion that kicks off tomorrow πŸ™‚

Challenge Friday assigns you an opponent while surfing and if you surf more pages than them you win a cool 50 credits πŸ™‚ this promo will run every Friday.

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