I Am Making Some Changes To Keep My Business Moving Forward
Due to industry changes I am making some changes to my sites to keep the business viable and the advertising and service quality high.
You Can Visit The Changes Page For More Info By Clicking Here

So about a week ago I joined this new site “Thank You Page Connection” and set up my banner & text ads etc and immediately started getting some results.

Then on Saturday they added the main component the Thank You Page Ads. I immediately set that part up too and added my ads and then placed the code on my login page rotator. You may have actually seen it when logging in to one of my sites.

If not here is the code here so you can see what your ads show up like

So over the last few days my ads have been getting clicks and even a few signups have already come from them.

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There are new sites that launch every month, in fact we see the same old mailers and traffic exchanges launch all the time. A lot are very similar and full of the same features.

So when something a bit different comes along then I like to take a really good look at it.

That was very easy to do with Banner Magician because it was me that built it.

I have known Mark Fox the owner for a long time now and he is expanding his business all the time, building up a nice network of sites and when he heard that I was starting to build sites that were a bit different to your normal Mailers and Traffic exchanges then he jumped at the chance to be the first to get one.

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