Many of you will be aware that I no longer sell advertising directly in each site any more for example page views in Just Good Traffic. But I am now doing special offers where you can grab some.

To better manage traffic delivery I decided the best way was to not always list advertising for sale in each site. But I understand that some people still wish to buy ads so I have set up a new section in my members area.

Now from time to time and for special occasions you will be able to grab a special offer at my new Special offer section inside the members area.

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My Black Friday offers are live on all my sites but only for today.

Look out for the page each time that you login at each site and if you miss it then just log out and back in, it will show every login during today.

Be sure to check each site as each only has the deals for that site on.

There are some great deals with:
Mailer credits from just $0.80/1000
TE credits from just $1.40/1000
Start Pages from $5 per week
Login Ads From $4 Per Week
Email Clicks from $0.015 each
Square Banners from $0.16/1000


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