I Am Making Some Changes To Keep My Business Moving Forward
Due to industry changes I am making some changes to my sites to keep the business viable and the advertising and service quality high.
You Can Visit The Changes Page For More Info By Clicking Here

When launching your own Mailer or Traffic exchange can owners at least put some kind of effort into the site.

This is something that really bugs me especially when I open Skype or a Support Ticket and see that someone would like me to promote their site, or swap credits or upgrades and then I wander over to take a look and what do I find…

Using the standard theme, the same as everyone else, You know the one with the different coloured horizontal sections down the page where they have literally just bought a cheap basic header and footer image and thrown it in and changed the coloured strips.

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This post is aimed at other Traffic Exchange owners as I have some opportunities available for some joint/cross promotion and daily or weekly promos etc.

If you own a Traffic Exchange and might be interested in doing some joint surf promos or downline builder swaps then please check out my Traffic Exchange Owners page.

I also have a few openings for my SURF 123 Steve Points promo as I write this but the space is limited to just 15 sites every 6 months and unless one decides to not continue then when it is full you may not get a spot.

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