So while many traffic exchanges pay people for surfing and that is seen as the way to go to keep an exchange moving and growing I as always like to do things a little differently.

You see we need a balance of not just advertisers but also some surfers to look at those ads, New people coming in to see the ads you all show. Sometimes it is required to have little cash bribes as people can just go to another Traffic Exchange and surf one that does bribe them.

I mean we don’t feel the need to bribe the advertisers as we are very happy with the results generated here for those buying credits or surfing to show their sites.

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I have made a few more little tweaks at Just Good Traffic to not only improve on the great results that we are seeing as described in the last post but to also comply with suggestions that members are making.

We are very proud of our surf limit as we feel the results of which are becoming clearer each and every day, It just seems like a no brainer to me. Why would I want people surfing 10,000 pages a day, are they really going to stop and check anything out when their end goal is a trinket at the end of the mass amounts of pages surfed?

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When setting up an online business it is very important to have a plan. Not just any old plan but a fully worked out strategic setup plan. People call this a funnel..

Over the last few years I have been setting up my funnel and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know a little about how it all works and the reason for having one.

You see its ok having a host of websites but you need to ask yourself a serious question and that is “Do you really need more than one?”

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So here is the third in my series of the changing times of traffic exchanges.

In this post we will look at getting to know your TE target market and why it matters and what knowing in can do to help you.

As talked about before there are not different sorts of Traffic Exchanges in the sense of what services they provide and the type of people they attract.

So to recap, there are those that give out little cash prizes and or pay cash amounts for surfing a number of pages etc, these will be attractive to people who surf for cash or like paid to click things and are happy to earn a few cents a day at each site by hitting a goal.

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