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Why can I only blast my mail to 250 or 750 members a day

Answer At Daily Mail Blaster you are blasting your ad to pre qualified buyers only. You see in normal mailers or safe lists you can get many thousands of members who have no intention of making a purchase online. Freebie seekers who are there by choice to just use the free basic levels or because they are unable to pay.

What we do is pre qualify the members by making everyone pay a small $7 one time fee meaning your only mailing people with the ability to buy. Think of it this way a mailer could have 10,000 members but only 100 upgraded so it is like you mailing those 100 and not wasting time earning or buying mailing credits to mail the other 9,900.

We limit the number because so members do not get too many emails watering down your results and to keep a good click through rate on your emails sent.
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