Traffic Exchange Owners

I have some promotional opportunities for traffic exchange owners and I am always looking for new owners to work with.

Joint Surf Promotions

If you own a traffic exchange and have the LFMTE Surfer Rewards plugin to do cross promotions then I am always looking to fill some dates. One off or multiple date promotions are welcome. My members particularly like the surf 100 pages at each site and get 50 bonus credits so this is my preferred option however I am open to other options as long as no cash for surf prizes are involved.

The two sites I have available for this are Just Good Traffic (Free TE) & Easy Cash Advertising System (Pro Only TE)

When I set up a promotion it gets added to the up-coming promos list which is shown on the Surfer Rewards page and also at the bottom of the login page on each site. This includes a link to your site (My affiliate link) so you may get members joining just from here before the Promo. I also schedule an email which goes out to all members on the day of the Promo to let them know about it.

Surf 123 Promo

As you probably know I have a reward site where I reward my members for completing certain tasks like joining each of my sites, referring their first member at my sites, earning their first commission as well as things like reading admin emails and finding special Points Codes to redeem.

The latest popular way of getting Steve Points is my Surf 123 promotion where Traffic Exchanges that participate show the points claim page on page 123 of surf. Shown just once a day it encourages regular surfing but not over surfing and is a popular new way to collect points.

You can add your exchange to this promotion (as long as their are slots available) by clicking here

Give Away Points

Steve Points are my reward points system that members can collect for a variety of tasks and then redeem the points for real advertising and products. I do not give away points for surfing and most are for completing tasks like joining each site, referring your first member, earning your first commission etc. You can purchase Give Away Steve Points to use as a prize or bribe for your members. Points are transferred in the Steve Points membership area by simply adding the amount and the members username. You can buy Give Away Points for as little as $12. Buy them inside the Steve Points members area now.

Blog Promo Code Page Entry

I have a Promo Code Page here on my blog that you can add an exclusive promo code to. It needs to be 250 credits after surfing 50 pages for a Traffic Exchange or 500 credits with no required clicks if it is a mailer. Simply contact me to add yours.

Credit Swaps

If you own a traffic exchange and would like to trade some credits then please let me know. I do trades from 5,000 to 50,000 credits at a time. (Please note 1 credit must equal 1 hit and if your TE is free entry and has badges, stickers or Zubees in the surf or if your TE has cash prizes for surfing either in surfer rewards or prize pages then I only trade on a 2 for 1 basis as cash bribed or badge/zubee/sticker collecting surf produces a lot less results for me). Credit swaps are available at both Just Good Traffic & Easy Cash Advertising System.

Start Page Swaps

I am also interested in swapping Start Page bookings at both Just Good Traffic & Easy Cash Advertising System as long as they are on a weekly basis.

Upgrade Swaps

I am not a very active surfer but I do like to buy credits and promote other sites. If you are interested in swapping upgrades then this maybe available for your TE (Just ask). However upgrades must be a comparable value regarding Surf Ratio, Commission Percentage & Free Monthly Credits. So if your TE only pays 30% commissions then the upgrade you get will be my middle level that pays 30%. Upgrade swaps are available at both my free and pro only TE.


Contact me to take part either on skype (steveayling)
or by submitting a support ticket here


*Please Note: Traffic Exchanges must have at least 1500 members and be actively growing at a rate of at least 21 new members per week (3 a day) They also must have a good looking design (In my view) and not use standard sales copy etc.


I reserve the right to refuse trades, swaps and promotions with any TE that I feel does not meet my high expectations for any reason.