Are you ready to get your hands on one or all four Amazon gift cards and treat yourself to something nice.

To celebrate the new video sales pages at the four $7 sites and the fact that they are converting a lot better than the sales pages did I wanted to tempt you to give them a bit of promotion again.

So I have put together 4 sales contests and all in all you could win $100 worth of Amazon gift cards just by promoting your affiliate links. 

Amazon Gift Cards

The contests run separately on each site so you can choose to just promote one or all of them, There is no limit to how many of the 4 you can win, simply place first at all 4 and you grab all 4 Amazon gift cards and would have $100 to buy whatever you like online.

The contests run from Valentines day (14th February) to my birthday (28th February) so it is like a triple celebration really.

You can view the main contest page by clicking here

The rules are pretty simple, too sum it up just promote your affiliate link and the person who gets the most sales during the contest is the winner.

The good thing about it being a sales contest and not a referral contest is that you could get 5 members that paid for their membership and also bought an upgrade and be ahead of someone that got 20 referrals that just paid for entry. This means that the contest could really be won by anyone.

You could win this. Sometimes people think that they have no chance to win these contests but the majority of the winners of my contests are just the average normal member promoting it and not people with a big list like at other places. I think a $25 gift card does not really appeal to those with big lists much.


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