So not long after we are back working after Christmas and it seems like we are now planning what to do on New Years Eve. I hope I don’t get as drunk as last year lol.

Well what gift do I have for you today, let me have a look.

So I added banner impressions to the members area here where you can buy impressions or use Steve Points to get some for free and these are seen at the bottom of my blog and also inside the members area.

Well I have big plans for these with the changes that I am making at my sites so soon these will also be seen on all my sites inside every members area all from one place 🙂

So grab 500 impressions today by submitting Steve Points code 12DAYS500 right here inside your members area.

Add your banner right away and assign those impressions, its proving to be really good advertising with many buying repeat packages within days of the first purchase.

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