If you have been a follower of my blog for a few years you will know that each year I do a 12 Days Around Christmas Promo where you get a gift each day for 12 days.

Unlike a lot of sites where they have holiday sales or a special offer every day I have always done it differently and here the prizes come without a catch. There are no massive surfing requirements to collect a prize and a lot are instantly added to your account.

Now you will note that this year I do not have as many sites as I have in the past so the prizes from my own sites will be limited this year however I do work very closely with the owners of my past sites and they have agreed to take part in the promo.

So if you joined any of my past sites then you need to keep an eye out for the gifts from them.

Remember you must return here every day during the promo as each gift is only valid for the one day.

More information including start and end dates can be found here on the Christmas Promo page.

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