Firstly thank you for stopping by my blog and reading my ongoing ramblings as I review the year.

The Christmas decorations on my sites are now down and the 12 days around Christmas promotion has come to an end.

I am still proud to be one of a few that actually gives things away for 12 days and doesn’t try to sell you a special for 12 days. Christmas is about giving isn’t it after all.

Big plans for this coming year but I have to start my review of 2017 with a lot of things that really bugged me. This might upset a few people especially some other Traffic Exchange owners and a few surfers too but when you have read it and calmed down, maybe take a moment to think about it. We don’t all think the same way but we all want whats best in the end. Heck I might just be right for a change, haha.

We all know that Traffic Exchanges have had a bit of a rough time over the last year and I made some huge changes to my business and some that didn’t work not because they were bad ideas but more because nearly all the rest of the industry decided they would do nothing about the issues and carry on regardless.

Well I am going to kick off with a massive attack on a lot of other Traffic Exchange owners so here goes..

Stop wasting your members credits and diluting your advertisers results in the name of fast massive traffic flow.

Quality rules over quantity every day. Heck I cant even advertise at some of your sites.

I am one of a handful of owners that actually does this full time and you can see that a lot treat it as a hobby and not a business. That shows through in the fact most never buy any advertising at all.

I have a set advertising budget and yet each month it gets harder for me to actually spend it. I don’t want credits at sites that are only active because they bribe their members to surf for a few pennies each day, I mean come on, how is that actually working out for you. Most of the exchanges that do this are either pretty close to bankrupt, not paying commissions they owe to members or run by an owner that thinks they need to deliver tons of traffic each day.

So let me set it straight right from now. By delivering more traffic with bribes you are both diluting the results of real advertisers that are here for the main reason of Traffic Exchanges and that is to exchange quality traffic and also forcing members to surf more and more in order to get enough credits to have their sites seen every day.

You think I am going to buy much of that rubbish traffic?

Truth is I am a buyer and I could not care less if you deliver tens of thousands of hits a day, Means nothing to me, what I want to see is signups to my sites that I am advertising. I don’t care if you only send 10 people to my site a day, in fact I would rather you sent 10 quality views than 100 bribed people surfing for a few pennies.

Dig at other owners part 2..

A lot of you are a lot to blame in the whole problem of the last year and half. I mean firstly I know and saw with my own eyes a lot of you actually promoting the investment based TE that caused all the issues, secondly not many of you have actually done anything about the issues as well. Too many have sat back and done nothing except look for another payment option instead of actually researching and addressing the issues. How many of you at the time actually jumped ahead and spoke to someone from the payment processor and asked what the issue was and how to avoid issues?

I made changes and a lot of people laughed, Well I am not one of those that has gone bankrupt or ran away and abandoned their exchange am I. I made changes that upset a few people but it wasn’t out of choice, it was for the greater good of the TE world. Now think about it, did the owner of the TE’s that you use do anything or change anything and I am not talking about moving your payment processing to a separate domain to try avoid the issue via the back door etc.

If you are an advertiser not an owner ask yourself this. Could the TE’s you use the most face issues again in the near future because they refused to adapt? If they have not changed anything they more than likely will.

Okay so now all the bashing of lazy owners or owners that cry wolf and still say I didn’t do anything wrong its someone else fault when really its all our fault, for not doing enough to prevent it in the first place, is over it is time to address some good things.

Thats if your still here and not out chasing a few pennies. Actually I missed something there, if you are a penny surfer, surfing daily to collect a few pennies. STOP IT!

No really, if your spending all that time for a few pennies you really are doing it wrong. Ask yourself this? If you can make $25 sales by selling things to your list, all that time spent collecting 2500 pennies could be used to get you just one customer.

Pennies do not pay the bills, well a lot of them do but its much easier focussing on the dollars not the pennies. Just try it for a new years resolution. Work out how much you can earn surfing for 40 hours a week. Then go spend 40 hours a week the next week promoting something as an affiliate that could bring you some sales in and commissions. See if your better off that way, Im sure you will be and if your not if nothing works and collecting pennies is the best option for you then you probably should consider getting another job or something.

I want us all to be successful, but I cant do that if people are not willing to help themselves. Because face it, Earning a few dollars a week surfing for pennies is not success is it?

So what did I change this year, Well the main thing was I removed all the affiliate programs from my sites early March time. Why? because that is what I had to do to protect my account with a said payment processor because built in affiliate programs is what they see as the issue. Especially if your paying different commission levels for each account type, Why because basically your making people pay more to earn more and that is borderline to the investment thing they hate.

What I dod though is I left the way to promote my 2 main free entry sites Just Good Traffic & Mail Our list and instead of the commissions I went back to rewarding people that introduced others with a lot more referral credits (sends/views as I renamed them as PP also didn’t like the word credit)

In fact at Just Good Traffic you get 10% as a free member and 20% as upgraded, Thats a lot to give away right? but I only needed to sell half as much not paying commissions on sales. Now for each person you introduce you can earn up to 20 views for every 100 pages they surf. Let me just tell you that there are a lot of sites still to this day that I have no need to buy credits in because my downlines I built still earn me enough to power my ads day in and day out.

You only need 5 referrals surfing 100 pages a day each to get you 100 page views a day right?

Now someone has been saying this for ages, a bit like me who has always preached for quality over quantity when others didn’t agree well now its true. There is one sure fire way to get Traffic Exchanges back to how they were in the good old days and that is not to use them as an investment for money but as an investment in advertising. They are advertising sites after all not income opportunities.

You shouldn’t be promoting Traffic Exchanges for money, you should be promoting them to your lists etc to earn you recurring traffic that in turn promotes your site and builds your membership/list so that you have more to promote to and then it grows and grows. There are plenty of products and services that you can promote to earn you affiliate commissions and not just that promoting tools and services that people need who use Traffic Exchanges is actually helping them too.

Anyway back to who was right about all this and who has said it all along, Someone that although I have got long with from the start and not really clashed with only on a professional note is Vern (Smiley as he is also known) Do not get me wrong, he has said some bad things to some people and upset others just like I probably have in this post. But he actually was right all along.

Don’t take my word for it though, Have a look at what the guy that brought affiliate programs and commissions to Traffic Exchanges says himself here.

So lets sum this up then, TE owners, sort out your sites so real advertisers can buy your traffic and stop losing money on paying penny surfers, cant you see from how many sites have closed over the last year that it does not work long term that way, because your not making as much as you want to are you?

This year I was proud to try new things and try take the TE world forward or backwards to the good times where they was advertising resources and although not many followed, I had to change a few things again and adapt I still plan on doing this for a long time to come because I love the TE world, it is what built my business to how it is today.

I want to thank each and every one of you for joining me on my journey through a changing and hard year. I mean this to every member of every TE and every owner that is still with us. You can shape the future but you need to chase the rich pickings not pennies and make some real money. I want you and need you to make money, the more you make the more I make as a service owner.

I know there are a lot of you that would like to buy some services but sadly are not making enough money to do so, its time to stand up and force other owners to change their ways so you make more money. I cant do it alone, you cant either. It needs a big adoption of new ways like everyone took on the pennies and that.

Lets hope 2018 is the year when others take action because we all need to sing off the same sheet if we want to see TE’s run for many more years to come.

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  1. Jeff Dionne says:

    Amen Couldn’t of said it better I also took away commissions and lowered upgrade prices to comply with processor. So it can be a place to get ads seen not from penny surfers. No pennies are earned no cash directly whatsever

  2. tim hanson says:

    Great spot of information and advise here. Have always been a fan and followed your opinion. Couldnt agree more with what you have written here. I am not a TE owner but I am an active advertiser that has a budget and spends money. I avoid sites that show the top 5 clickers that are rallying upwards of 3000 k hits or more, its just a senseless waste of time. Traffic exchanges are still viable places to advertise but not all of them. Its ok to rufflle feathers, it is only then that this bird can fly.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Thanks for the great reply, Your exactly the sort of person I have been targeting. Advertising is the key, the mistakes people make is what they advertise a lot of the time. Couldn’t agree more on the 3k surfing, It makes me cringe every time is see it. Out of 3000 pages are you really going to remember one lol.

  3. Robert says:

    If your in the NMF forum and i’m guessing your not Jon O is agreeing with me

    [quote]crazy to think after all those head butt sessions…Vern was correct after all [/quote]

  4. Steve I hollered about the nickle and dime attitude some years ago. I to am an advertiser who likes to buy traffic bot NOT from those that promote to 5 heavy surfers or those that pay out cash for surfing. I tried them to be fair and it took no time to realize I was paying for their pennies with no return on my advertising. It will be a pleasure to update my blog posts with this year’s resolutions and to thank you for taking a strong stance on what is best for members and long-term forward motion in a positive return to the TE Industry. There are a few more with the same outlook. It is time as advertisers and users of these TEs, we promote them

    • Steve Ayling says:

      🙂 Its really encouraging to hear there are a few more with the same thinking. I need to look next at a way we can group all those ones together, this could be the split the industry needs where we can all move on together and leave them that refuse to change behind.

  5. James Smart says:

    Steve I am about advertising on TEs and I firmly believe and thank you for telling the
    truth. That being said could you recommend some (good for advertising)

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Im not really one for a list of good ones as some that work for some of my sites are shocking for others, You really need to try and test the ones that look like effort has gone into them. I always say if it uses that basic theme that comes with the script and just has its own header then its not had a lot of effort. If it looks good and different and had money and effort spent on it then try it and see what happens.

      I have a page with some tools and sites on that work well for me or I like

  6. Paul Serban says:

    A few months ago I gave out the cash prize for surfing 1000 clicks and immediately, more than 10 members who made those clicks deleted their accounts.
    The big surprise was that now there are only 150-200 clicks per member, but instead the number of members coming and surfing increases.
    I promote other mailers and TEs, but also sales and affiliation pages, which brings new members to my list.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yes its much better to have members surfing 150-500 pages a day than members surfing 1000’s the quality will be loads better. I have had mine limited to 1000 pages for a very long time and very rarely does anyone get to that amount. If some do for days on end then there a good chance that there is a bot or a cheater there anyway. No one would surf 1000 pages a day for 30 consecutive days and build up so many credits that they not being used up that fast.

      • Paul Serban says:

        When I see big numbers in surfing I suspect a fake traffic, made by bots or other software. And I think that is not a good thing like my members to spent credits for such type of traffic. Less, but better!

  7. WAlly says:

    Steve I really like your products WHY its a one time payment your not breaking my bank

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Thanks for the compliments, We don’t want to break anyones bank just provide a good service at a reasonable cost 🙂

  8. Kanakjyoti2 chakraborty says:

    Really this is the real website where no complaints,
    Its Excellent !!
    Thank you.

  9. Rahul Taneja says:

    Sites with top surfers rewards and cash surfing are really wasting credits as we hardly get any good results on such sites. Nice article.

  10. Susan McCook says:

    Hi Steve. I feel like we’re good friends, I’ve been using some of your sites for years. I am an advertiser and I totally get what you are saying. I can’t even imagine how people have the time to surf 1000’s of sites for pennies or contests. I spend a LOT of time surfing just 50-200 sites in 10-20 exchanges. With that said, I DO like contests, just not ones where people have to surf a gazillion sites. I’ve won upgrades and cash prizes before, and it makes it fun. I don’t really get much results in the TEs, but I think it is great for branding. I always say “hi” in the chat areas. I think that when I get sign ups in the mailers, it is most likely that some of them also saw my sites “furiously” surfing a TE. I appreciate your honesty and all that you offer advertisers like myself. If you upset anyone, so be it.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Great reply and thanks for your loyal custom. I hope we can change that so you can start getting results in TE’s as well as mailers 🙂

  11. Hey Steve! Yes this Paid To Surf in Traffic exchanges has gone WAY over the top.
    New Owners feel this is the Only way, and it’s not.
    They open a New exchange, and just keep paying and paying and paying and just get a couple upgrades that don’t stay upgraded.

    Many are into it for several thousands over the last year.
    Just Paying Clickers that NEVER or Rarely Spend a dime.
    We Want to Give Our Members Everything WE Can. But Don’t Sell The Farm Doing It!
    Is Bad For Owner and Those that Wish to Use Your site to Promote their stuff.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Totally agree, Its just the wrong type of people too. Them surf for cash people are not the idea audience for real advertisers.

  12. Mark says:

    Ive only just starte dto follow you Steve, especially on this rant here. Im a biz owner, entrepreneur, full time worker, advertiser clicker watcher any many other titles. Im not a TE owner, but a surfer, earning not even pennies, or members to anything i promote for that matter….TE’s have been a real let down for me….I cant say how many times ive seen in a chat where members say they dont even look at the ads they just want to get their surf done for the day…hell im there my self. Ive been in marketing for awhile now and still have to see any decent results from TE’s. Like i said…still waiting to get 1 sign up for anything i promote from any te…

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yes that is a sad situation 🙁 it doesn’t have to be like that tho, It never was but some owners just want to dilute the quality so much that no one wins in the end. Its sure been a race to the bottom but some of us wont give up. My TE only allows a max surf of 1000 pages a day and also does not pay out any cash. Its slowly growing but I’m only trying to attract the real advertisers and not mass surfers so its a slow and steady process.

  13. Hello Sreve and Happy New Year, I think that there are a ton of people who don’t even know the difference between a safelist and a TE. So someone needs to educate these people with a little paragraph on their site. So you have newbies everyday joining that don’t have a clue.. The big name boy’s are pretty much the one’s commenting on your blog right now. There are so many of us that still don’t really know whats going on. We just keep supporting all the sites. That why they have programs for dummies. Sorry I am one of them, but i continue to learn everyday. I will never join a safelist again, but that took a year and tons of loses. I will say the one’s that do help me get my money. I am in computer school everyday. (online school). Hope some of that makes since to you pro’s…raftpack
    P.S. I could build you a boat that will take you around the world, as a farmer Marina owner, I forgot to learn how to sell online when I was running a million dollar a year business. So take the good with the bad, just like I did. A Motorcyle accident took off my leg, so this is it, I have to learn how to make money online. Even though the accident was not my fault, I lose money everyday because I can’t do manual labor anymore. So you must educate people everyday or they don’t know…

  14. Steve, if you would ad a buy me a beer to your redeem steve’s points, I bet you would get a lot more beers. I would of bought you a beer from payza right now, but my account is on hold and I dont even know why. There is a credit card with 10000 balance. I hate Payza. raftpack Free points should get you free beers, its only fair…

  15. barberickson says:

    Hello Steve
    I have checked out your network of sites and I believe you have a quality mindset. When I saw the low price point for your sites, I really wanted to just join all of them. Instead, I was carried away by the tsunami of “those other sites” and could not stay focused, organized or be anything but a robot-clicking away all day to chase that golden carrot. I, too am working towards quality this year, and though I do like “winning”, I would rather see some real conversions and commissions for my efforts.

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