I have spent the past week changing my ads and deleting email templates everywhere so that they now promote my Traffic Club and members area instead of the sites that I sold.

While I was doing that I thought before deleting all these I should have a look and see which have been the best performers in relation to the mailers, so I logged in to my tracker.

I had a look at how many hits the mailers sent me and the click through rates as well as looking at the results in both signups and generated sales from those signups.

Here are the top 5 performing mailers from my last few months of email promotion.

1) Atlas Safelist has been the best performer, still relatively new but very active and set up well. The results this program gave was part of the reason I decided to sell MOL to Tony the Atlas owner.

2) Rodeo Mailer has been around for quite a while but it has always been consistent. It doesn’t seem to have as many upgraded members as it once did especially after its big launch but that seems to work to its advantage and my results there are increasing and increasing.

3) Tezzer Mail was launched by one of the most well known guys in Traffic Exchanges Tony Tezak and since it first opened it has been producing great results. A big thing I like about this site is that it does not take as long to build up those mailing credits as some mailers do.

4) Bweeble has been another constant performer for me, It has by far produced the most signups to my sites but not as much as the others in relation to sales from those signups but still, If you want a ton of new members to your sites to increase activity then this is a must join mailer.

5) Fast List Mailer is the last of the five, Kenny the owner has a few good mailers but this one is the best performing for me, one of his first I think too and it has pretty much always been in my top 5 so another one you really should join.

So to recap, these 5 great mailers are the ones I recommend that you join as they have done well for me.

Disclaimer – these have been my best 5 results producers the last few months and what works for me may not work for you, it all mainly depends on what you are promoting. Note I am an upgraded member in all of these 5 mailers and if you join them as a free member without upgrading then your results may differ and more than likely be a lot lower.

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