If you have not noticed yet I have a new way of selling upgrades at my sites and that is with the Get More Marketing Pass.

As an owner of multiple sites I wanted to streamline how I was able to work with those that invest in themselves and want to get the best out of advertising online so I decided the way forward was a marketing club where I could network and work with the members there.

As you will know there are a lot of people in the industry that are here for collecting trinkets, surfing for fun, to try and get rich quick or are happy to earn a few pennies from their surfing efforts.

I have made my sites more advertising based and less income opportunity or rewards based. You basically get advertising and thats what all of us that are building a business needs. I have been in advertising since way before the affiliate programs and trinket surfing came in and have already noticed the increase in results for the amount of effort put in after my changes was made.

Anyway back to the 7 lifetime upgrades for $77 part. As part of the club I added the Get More Marketing Pass and that gives you the top level upgrade in all of my 7 advertising and service sites and that pass comes part of the club which has a lifetime membership fee of just $77.

So if you work it out then the club is awesome value at just $11 per site for a lifetime upgrade, Especially when you think the upgrades at Mail Our List was 147 lifetime and 97 at Just Good Traffic, Then the others was between 27 and 67 too. Plus you get all the benefits of being in the club and the opportunity to network with me 🙂

If you are not upgraded in all my sites then this club membership is the way to go so head on over to the Get More Marketing Club now and grab your membership and great value pass.

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  1. Andre says:

    Hi Steve.
    Can we mail to all of the sites, all members?
    If so, how many times per month can we do so?

    Let me know

    • Steve Ayling says:


      You can only mail in the mailer sites that are included not the service sites or the TE’s

  2. Mary says:

    I reckon this is one of the best deals around. How long will it be available Steve?

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Well the pass is included in the Get More Marketing Club membership and the club is here to stay, It may increase in price in the future but have no plans do that anytime soon 🙂

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