I have made a couple of changes to the Steve Points reward program.

A few people have expressed that it was too awkward searching through a ton of emails to find the reward codes that we give out when people introduced others etc.

What I have done is made a couple of changes so that now it no longer requires looking for an email. The codes now appear on the sites automatically when you achieve your goal.

To do this I had to change the make a purchase one to when you earn a commission so now its even more rewarding to introduce others to my sites.

You get Steve Points now when you introduce your first member at each site and when you earn your first commission at each site (When a member you introduced purchases something) The claim points codes for these will display on the referral and commissions pages.

Grab some free points today by submitting surf code WINSPINS at Just Good Traffic and surfing 50 pages, this will reward you with a code that you can use to claim free points prize wheel spins inside the Steve Points members area.

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