So we are already a few days into the new year and I just wanted to do a little recap.

The 12 Days Around Christmas promotion went well again this year. Not as many claiming prizes and quite a few only claiming one every few days not daily.

I think that could be down to the niche we operate in as a lot now are part time at doing this and there are not as many people that work online every day like before.

It was nice to see that most of those that collected gifts actually used them and added their adverts in.

So we will see what this year brings but I am planning some exciting things and I know a few others that have some things in the works too.

It was sad to take the Christmas decorations off the sites this morning but at the same time it was good to spend an evening last night implementing a few suggestions that people have submitted in the suggestion box.

This means we have had a few little changes that include:

  • * The addition of a buy link on the Login Ad page for those that want to book a login ad but do not have enough Steve Points to do so.
  • * The addition of Coinpayments as a payment processor so people can use Bitcoin and the like to make purchases with.
  • * The addition of Stripe so that those that don’t have a PP account can still make debit and credit card purchases.
  • * More entries in the helpdesk knowledge base so that more answers can be given before the need to submit a ticket
  • * A few menu changes as suggested to help make a few things easier to find.

So I hope you like the changes and remember I have a suggestion box, so if there is something you would like adding or changing then please do drop me a suggestion.

Plans for this week include the addition of more great places for the Traffic Club sites to show so if you are not yet part of the club then get your sites in there now and the improvement of SURF123 promo so if you have a TE that you would like included it only costs $10 a month and I take care of all the prizes etc, nothing for you to do once you added it so drop me a ticket.

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