I have made a few more little tweaks at Just Good Traffic to not only improve on the great results that we are seeing as described in the last post but to also comply with suggestions that members are making.

We are very proud of our surf limit as we feel the results of which are becoming clearer each and every day, It just seems like a no brainer to me. Why would I want people surfing 10,000 pages a day, are they really going to stop and check anything out when their end goal is a trinket at the end of the mass amounts of pages surfed?

At Just Good Traffic there is now a set 1000 page surf limit for all members, meaning that when you hit that limit (If you do get that far) you will not be able to surf anymore that day. So with no trinket at the end to collect and knowing that your approaching the end you can more leisurely look at the ads being shown.

The argument a couple of people have made is that they want to earn more credits in a day than the surf limit allows. This argument is countered by the fact that because quality is better then you do not need as many credits to get the same results.

Example a site where people regularly surf thousands of pages and your lucky to get a signup in 2-3k of hits. Here we have seen 3 in 700 hits. So in theory you can surf 25% of the pages you do there to get the same results here.

Anyway thats a little change to the surf limit, I have also tweaked the sales page and affiliate tools as well. I will as normal continue to test and track these and make any changes needed but we are getting to where I want this traffic exchange to eventually be.

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