When promoting online there can be some instances where you actually lose a sale without even knowing.

You might be throwing affiliate commissions down the drain.

The thing is that people can actually take sales away from you by removing, or changing your affiliate ID on the end of the links that you promote.

But that is not all, You can also lose a sale because of people not wanting to click links that look too long or suspicious or even not part of what is being promoted.

But the biggest reason of all is that they might not even see your link. Promoting the same link as others can actually hurt email deliverability and untrusted URL’s can effect that too.

This is why a lot of Internet Marketers cloak their links. But do a lot of the cloakers out there actually work that well?

WP Link Shield 2 has just launched and as a big fan of the first version I was so excited to get my hands on version 2 and wow. This is a must use tool for everyone promoting onine.

You can cloak your links to nice looking links. You can keep a check of traffic reports to your links and this cloaker even does a few cool things that others just do not do.

Check it out now and see what all the fuss is about by clicking this cloaked link lol..


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