About Me

Name: Steve Ayling
Age: 39
Born: Leicester UK
Lives: Skegness UK
Time Online: 16 Years
Vocation: Internet Marketer
Business Name: SteveAyling.com

Steve Ayling here with a little bit about me and my online business. I have been working online since 2003 and for the majority of this time, I have been present in the Traffic Exchange / Internet Marketing area. I have really enjoyed my time working in this area and I have made so many friends on my journey.

I started in the online marketing area as a traffic exchange user and then went on to building traffic exchanges for myself and others (I dare say there are a few exchanges out there that you use that I have had some input into the build, design or promotion of) From using and owning I put together a nice collection of sites that consisted of both tools for traffic exchange users and also information-packed sites.

I built up a nice portfolio of sites but a lot of them did a very similar sort of thing and after learning about targeting sites to markets and about creating sales funnels in 2012 I decided to start all over again and build a business funnel using everything I had learned over the years.

So I then spent 2012 through to summer 2014 putting together a new collection of sites and services, Every single one of these new sites has a specific reason for being online and is a specific part of my funnel.

My knowledge both self-taught and from marketing seminars and conferences as well as online lessons for over 16 years enables me to do something I really enjoy doing and that is putting my knowledge to use and helping identify areas for improvement in both marketing related and income-related areas of existing businesses. If you need someone with improvement ideas then I am the guy.

Businesses need to keep moving forward and due to a changing business environment, 2017 saw a refresh of all the sites and a more modern feel and easier to use interfaces to bring everything up to date. Think of it as they all got a makeover to blast off into the future.

November 2018 saw another refresh where I sold off most of my sites to enable me to start on some different projects. I do still have Ready To Go Traffic Sites where I do work on and build advertising sites for other people as this is something I really enjoy doing.

My present site setup benefits from a dream I had quite a few years back of a reward points system. This enables you to collect rewards for joining specific sites under me and rewards you for taking actions like reading my emails and logging in.

Unlike a lot of point systems in place that get you levels, positions, and bragging rights. I wanted mine to actually reward you with something very useful and something that can help you grow online. So my Reward Points have a real value and that value means they can be redeemed for real downloadable info products…

Learning is very important, I read everything I could and watched what the others did. I developed a strategy that is still going strong. So you too should collect my Reward Points for free and use them to grab some of the great Internet Marketing based downloads inside.

From the beginning of 2019, I spent most of my time online building traffic generating sites for others as well as improving sites and adding some mods and services to them. I had a lot of plans with a good online friend (Stephane Tourigny) who suddenly passed away in February. That put an end to the plans and I had been unsure what I wanted to do for a while after that.

I decided that I wanted to do something a bit different to get me fitter and away from spending all day at the computer so I decided to become a Locksmith. I now have a Locksmith business that I am running alongside working on other people’s sites via my Ready To Go Traffic Sites website.

I have also redone the member’s area here and made it into more of a rewards area where for following me and clicking my links etc you can grab a whole host of information products and learn lots about the great business of internet marketing.

Remember you should never stop learning and soak up as much information as you can. Information is what makes some succeed where others fail.

If you have a Traffic Exchange and or Mailer that runs on the LFMTE or LFMVM script then you need to check out my Ready To Go Traffic Sites website and see the services that I offer to increase the quality and sales of your traffic sites.

Thanks for reading, enjoy my blog & reward site and I look forward to working with you.

Steve Ayling