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As a Internet marketer and owner of a site that operates in the internet marketing and online advertising arena most people visiting here are also into marketing so I thought I would take a moment to let you know about the different advertising options that we have for you to promote your sites.

Banner Advertising

I sell 468×60 banner advertising slots for you to promote your banners to all the people visiting the blog, support desk and membership area. You can see members banners rotating at the bottom of all pages. Prices from just $9.99 for 25,000 displays. Login to the members area to purchase your impressions.

Traffic Club

One of the main parts of my online business is my Traffic Club. Here you can purchase a slot in the Traffic Club and enter your website address and or affiliate links. We allow up to 10 sites per member. By being part of the Traffic Club you are essentially part of my own giant advertising rotator where I use my years and years of online experience and my own tracking results to advertise in some of the best traffic sources online. Your site is then shown approximately 5,000 times per month in the exact same places that my ads are shown. Piggy back off my tracking results by taking part in my Traffic Club. Login to the members area to subscribe to the Traffic Club today.

Login Ads

Your website or affiliate link can be shown to everyone logging in to my membership area for the first time each day for a whole 24 hours when you purchase a Login Ad slot. As your site is shown to everyone logging in each day only one slot per day is available so jump in quick. These ads are purchased with Steve Points from inside the members area however on the Login Ad page you can purchase $10 worth of Steve Points that will be enough for you to grab 5 days of Login Ad slots.

Points Per View Ads

Inside the members area members can click text link ads and view the site or affiliate link for 15 seconds and be rewarded with Steve Points for doing so. Members to get rewarded must view the site for a whole 15 seconds so your site is being seen for that amount of time making these ads some of the best page views that we sell. Login to the members area to grab your PPV ads.

Surf 123 Page Presence

If you are a Traffic Exchange owner then you can have your site shown on all the Surf 123 pages by adding your site to our Surf 123 promotion. More details can be found inside the members area.


All advertising options are delivered and managed inside the members area so either login or if you have not yet signed up then hit that join button today..