Many of you will know that I like to try things that are a bit different to the norm and then track and test the results to see how it goes.

You will notice that I tried selling one big pass that got you upgraded at all my sites but this didn’t seem to work to well but I had to try it for 6 months to see how it went.

I have also recently tried removing credit sales from sites and using special offers and that was after testing the normal special offers in the site like others do so I thought I would share some results with you and show you what I found out.

A lot of Traffic Exchanges and Mailers use a special offer on login that gives discounted credits/views/sends/tokens whatever you want to call them. But if you are an owner of one of these programs you really need to ask yourself a question. Are your offers hurting your sales?

This came about because I know the Traffic Exchanges and Mailers that I regularly buy credits from and which ones have offers and which dont. However I have noticed a change in buying patterns that not many seem to have noticed.

What worked a couple of years ago is not always best for what works now. But still some just do things the exact same way then moan when sales drop. You have to keep tracking, testing and changing.

So what did I do today, Well some sites they advertise credits inside for say $3 per 1000 price range and some are about $2 per 1000. There are some that can get $3 or even $4 per 1000 but they are very few and far between. There are a lot of factors that play in price but in a whole its sort of getting things right now.

Those that sell for $1 per 1000 are about worth that with people surfing thousands pages a day and regular promos that give cash prizes. Those that demand more limit surfing and also don’t do cash promos so its about right. There are however the odd few owners that are a little deluded and think their credits are still worth $7-$10 per 1000 like when the script was made and that was set as the default.

I am going to tell you now, there is not one exchange that it is worth $5+ per 1000 credits unless your a pro TE that limits surfing and doesn’t offer cash to surf, then your audience could deliver on that.

Anyway away from normal pricing and back to the offers, So I tried a few things and the thing I have found most successful is the always low prices not the special deals on login. Thinking about it I can see why too as today as its the beginning of the month I set out to spend my $600 monthly advertising budget. Yes I still have a budget unlike mostly owners who well most don’t even buy anything any more as they just don’t make enough.

But I didn’t end up buying at a lot of sites and why was that? For this example we will call the site in question site A.

I didn’t buy at site A today because normally I get a good deal there on credits they have some sort of offer on all the time for 6k for $6 or $10 for 10k but its about $1 per 1000 anyway. Sadly due to encouraging members to surf thousands of pages a day and having promos that pay cash thats all the credits are worth there.

But why didn’t I buy then? Well there was no offer today when I logged in so when I went to the buy page those credits were priced at roughly $3 per 1000. Thats too much for that exchange and therefore no sale to me.

So those offers, do they really help? What about people like me that have a monthly ad budget and buy regularly, Why not price the credits at that reasonable price for your site all the time. I understand that sometimes you can get a good load buy when doing a special but to be honest them deals at Site A have been running pretty much all the time.

So I actually stumbled on this at another few sites years ago and thats why you will notice that before I removed sales at each site at the beginning of this year my login top up offers were the same as the ones inside, A good deal all the time whenever you want it. This has now returned and you can now buy inside again at a always good price at all my sites.

So to sum it up, offers can be brilliant if run every once in a while like Black Friday and a Holiday sale etc but them that appear all the time, they could actually hurt your sales because a few people this week lost out on a few $10-$20 sales from me.

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  1. Great points Steve, thanks for sharing. I also do the same thing, If I know a site regularly does sales then there is no way I’m going to buy at full price. But for my own sites I’ve never been one to do sales, so I just set a low price and leave it and it works great for me, I guess people also hopefully know the price they see is what they will always get so no marketing BS is happening, just real prices.

  2. LOL now I wish I’d taken the $77 offer while it was up…

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