So this is a question that I wanted every TE and Mailer owner to think about for a moment because from what I have seen lately then the answer to this is a massive yes.

But do not worry as I am not going to just leave you to leak sales without explaining to you how your likely to be doing it and what you can do to stop it.

Once you know why you will be as shocked as me about how many actually are leaking sales and how much of an issue it can be to not only the owner but you and me if we was to choose to promote the sites.

See, this is a huge reason why I actually do not promote certain sites. So is your site leaking sales and is that maybe why I do not promote it?

The easiest way to explain how a site leaks sales and signups is by telling you a little story of what happened to me and a certain Traffic Exchange.

So a few weeks back now I was helping another Traffic Exchange owner by having a little look over their site and giving them some tips on how they can improve it. Well I was supposed to be helping them that is.

Anyway they gave me a link to their site in Skype so I clicked on it and off I went to join so that I could have a look around the inside for them. However 5 minutes later they asked if I was in and my reply was “Oh sorry one second”

Why? What Happened?

See, I headed to that site with all good intentions to join but something caught my eye, Sadly that thing was an advert (Banner/Shield) for another site, right there on the sales page, Starring right at me and trying to tempt me to click on it. Oh no, I did click on it, and off I went to another site and before I knew it I had forgotten the site I went to join.

This is exactly what I mean by leaking signups and sales. When people click links on your sales page and head off somewhere else to another site.

Did you spend time and money getting that customer, Did you have your splash pages out there enticing them to click through to your sales page and to join your site. Awesome work if you did but GUTTED that you lost them to someone else.

The key rule here is DO NOT have external links to other sites on your sales pages.

It might be good that you have your script makers referral link there, or a shield about some great promo site, maybe banners to other sites and that. But thats your sale or signup right and you actually made them go somewhere else.

Have a look at my Just Good Traffic TE and you can see that I am part of a couple of promotional sites etc and it is good to have their logo on your site so people know that. However they do not have to be linked to the site.

Give people one choice, Join or close the window. Do not give them options to leave your site, do not give them a reason or excuse to. Make the most out of YOUR advertising and stop sending them hard earned visitors somewhere else.

Then I might promote your sites more instead of not wanting to because I fear my the people I refer will get sidetracked and head off somewhere else before joining.

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  1. Paul Kinder says:

    excellent advice!

    my fave little book about site building explains this superbly, and gives many many more golden nuggets too. anyone who used to see my live trainings will know how often I used to mention Big Bananas LOL and that phrase will tell them what I’m about to say….

    Big Red Fez by Seth Godin is a teeny tiny book, a very fast easy read, with huge huge HUGE golden nuggets that are mostly very easily to implement.

    If I recommend just one book to website owners, Big Red Fez is it!

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