When launching your own Mailer or Traffic exchange can owners at least put some kind of effort into the site.

This is something that really bugs me especially when I open Skype or a Support Ticket and see that someone would like me to promote their site, or swap credits or upgrades and then I wander over to take a look and what do I find…

Using the standard theme, the same as everyone else, You know the one with the different coloured horizontal sections down the page where they have literally just bought a cheap basic header and footer image and thrown it in and changed the coloured strips.

Whats even worse is that most do not even change any of the wording on it (Sorry I was unaware that your TE was identical to someone elses) 

It is actually like seeing the same TE or Mailer all the time just in a different color. Effort people effort.

So lets have a look a the few things that bug me about this.

  1. Same look as every other TE or Mailer
  2. Same sales copy with just a couple words changed
  3. The login page still has the standard green surround to the words member login
  4. OTO’s that are the standard out of the box one
  5. Using standard OTO templates that come with the script
  6. Members area the same as every other members area

So why does this annoy me? Because it shows complete lack of planning or effort for one. It screams the following:

  1. I do not know what I am doing running a TE or Mailer
  2. I am not willing to invest my time to change the sales page text
  3. I have no idea about pricing and supply/demand maths so will use out of the box offers
  4. I couldn’t be bothered to spend 10 mins looking for a OTO template online
  5. I was only willing to spend a few dollars on a basic header and footer
  6. My TE or Mailer is exactly the same as everyone else’s so why not look like it
  7. I have started this with no budget
  8. I had no plan
  9. Nothing about my site is unique

Probably lots more too but then people come to me and want to swap credits or upgrades, So basically what you are doing is saying that your TE or Mailer is as good as mine and you put no or little effort into yours and I have spent weeks or months on each site making it look different and unique and customized.

Come on people, If you are going to launch a TE or a Mailer stop using basic out of the box stuff or you will just get basic results. Put some effort in and show other owners that you mean business.

Oh and one last note: If your TE or Mailer uses the standard theme look, has standard copy, has the same green box on login page etc then do not bother sending a ticket asking to swap credits or upgrades as I have to put as much effort into reading and replying as you have in your site. Rant Over lol..

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  1. Harsh but true!
    Preach it Steve!

    • Steve Ayling says:

      I wouldn’t call it harsh, the world is harsh, business is harsh. What is the point of sugar coating it. Too many people promote these sites, tell the owners they are good, don’t speak up and then when the sites do not grow well, don’t make much money who’s fault is it then? If the owners are told it’s ok it’s good then it’s less their fault and more the fault of those that say it’s ok. However if people didn’t accept it maybe more of the new owners would make more of an effort 🙂

  2. Tim Hanson says:

    Steve GREAT ARTICLE and so very true. As an affiliate and marketer I am destined to stay closely associated with platforms that offer a little more or something progressive and different. Those that take the time find they will gain more loyalty than the cookie cutter sites that never change. Big Kudos and much respect to you for “ripping the band aid off” It’s going to cause some to scream ouch but others will just flinch realizing eventually the pain goes away

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Thank you for the comment, I just had to speak out as there are too many bigger owners that should know better promoting this stuff just for a quick buck, just because times might be hard for some does not mean their standards should slip.

  3. Zac Hawkins says:

    One of my pet peeves is when the admin has the signup form include so many details it looks like more of a job application. I haven’t bought the lfm script yet, but would think the minimal signup form would be default making the other info like town/street etc etc options that had to be added manually by admin.

    Another thing that bugs me, it having to set getting redirected to auto assign just to surf the first time. Why doesn’t the script have it set to 100% by default with members able to lower it down to what admin decides?

    Those are just a couple of the things I see on TEs consistently that have got to be lowering member engagement, growth, etc.

    Nice article btw Steve, been thinking the same thing as I’ve been researching prior to launching my next site. (P.S. I won’t contact you for an ad swap, but I’ll be curious if you notice mine be sure to send me a note…:)

    • Steve Ayling says:

      I completely agree with you. Sadly a lot of owners do not know or have not learned how to edit the signup forms etc. but other things like the auto assign issue although it sounds like an easy fix, LFMTE have a way of overwriting things you change when they d a script update so it more than likely would end up back to the way they have it as default when the script updates.

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