I thought I would write a post about video autoplay.

As a buyer of a fair few login spotlights I sometimes read the feedback that I get on my sales pages and some of the things said really bug me.

From the last lot I ran this week here is an image that highlights a recurring theme in the comments and one that makes no sense at all from a marketing standpoint.


It seems that a lot of people that are marketing online do not like Autoplay videos and my question to that is why not?

Autoplay videos get a much higher conversion rate than videos that do not auto play. That is the main reason for having them on autoplay but there are also a few other reasons…

You buy the 10-15 second ad space upon login so why not make the most of it.

You have the opportunity to capture the attention of those that click away from the window and do not want to know whats being advertised.

Video with audio keeps peoples attention a lot more than just a text sales page does.

Think about it like this, A space on the web has no limits in terms of sound and imagery etc so you really should use the whole space to your advantage.

Would you buy a 15 second TV advert and not have it play unless someone clicks a button on their TV remote?

Do you click to watch every video that is online that does not auto play? 

I am going to finish with something that will annoy a lot of people, If you do not like video autoplay then you really do not get marketing at all. In marketing with video then autoplay is a must.

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  1. John Bell says:

    The reason why people don’t like autoplay isn’t because they don’t understand marketing, it’s because the autoplay video is interrupting them. One thing everyone has in common, is that they don’t like being interrupted.

  2. Another thing people might not like is loud video, especially if they are at work! Personally, I don’t mind them, as I usually keep my volume set quite low.

  3. Michael Hall says:

    Hi John! I have to agree with Cynthia and Steve on this one, i don’t mind them auto playing either but I must admit I’ve been startled quite a few times by videos that don’t start loudly and abruptly and keep my audio about half way or muted for this very reason. My suggestion would be to have the audio in your video start of low and fade in to full volume for the first few seconds that way i can still hear it but not be startled, those i don’t mind, but those that burst in blaring with an abrupt shocking sound are one of my personal pet peeves. Thanks for the good points though Steve I’ve pretty much avoided using video or audio on my sites and that is something I’ll seriously consider and maybe split test it, but i’ve heard a lot of top marketers say that audio/video salespages convert a lot higher.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      That is a good idea to have a smooth intro or something so people dont jump off their chair 🙂

      Yes it really makes a massive difference having auto play video on your pages, I even have more in production as we speak for various things 🙂

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