Many many years ago (Well about 5) I built a site for my then partner who since left and the site was sold on. Introducing that site Banner Ads That Pay.

I have been using this site for banner advertising ever since and one day last week when I was going through my advertising schedule of logging in to sites and seeing what banners need assigning where etc something caught my eye.

I was pretty shocked by how many clicks my banners had got so I headed on over to my tracker and had a look. Blow me down, not only was those clicks real, they was converting into signups too.

So I decided to change my banner up and start fresh using my banner rotator and see how we got on during the next few days.

I noticed a couple of things out of place on the site and approached the owner (Kenny Kolijn) a well known successful mailer owner and said that the site could do with a bit of a makeover, a new menu and a clean up and as I have created sites for him in the past and he knows that its a service I offer he jumped at the chance to hire me to do it.

So not only has the site had a nice new menu and a big tidy up I looked at my banner and changed it up and decided that over the weekend I would mail out about it, see if I could build up a little more activity there and pass on a good advertising resource.

So I just wanted to share with you some results to explain why this is one of my favorite banner advertising sites online, why you should make sure your advertising there and why its called Banner Ads That Pay.

Banner Ads That Pay

This image shows you since the weekend how many banner impressions my banner got and how many clicks too, As you can see this makes this some of the best banner advertising out there right now so I urge you to make sure your banner is there.

But, There is another part to this site, you see it does so well as it kind of bridges the gap between those looking to make money online and those looking to advertise their program/opportunity or affiliate links etc.

It does this by having a really good affiliate program built in and I wanted to mention this because it could be just the thing you have been looking for.

As with most sites the advertising potential and income opportunity is more limited as a free member but this site offers an upgrade that gets you a lot more advertising each month and also allows you t make a nice 50% affiliate commission.

Now I am a big fan of lifetime upgrades as you dont have to worry about monthly payments and a bit of promotion and you can get your money back as an affiliate. So I wanted to show you why you should consider grabbing the one time offer on login and upgrade to Lifetime Gold.

That email I sent out over the weekend generated me a few referrals but upon looking at the the top of the referral page was very interesting. You see, some places you need to get a lot of referrals but this site converts well (Mainly because it is awesome advertising and people need them impressions) so it doesn’t take a lot to make some good affiliate money here.

Banner Ads That Pay

As you can see there, my last 3 referrals have generated me enough affiliate commission at 50% to recoup the cost of my own upgrade. I have more below as I have over 100 referrals there but made some great money from this site (Hence why I constantly promote it) Now I am not saying everyone will get results like this but its one of the easiest sites to recoup your cost by just sending out the odd email about it and not forgetting the real reason of being there is that awesome advertising.

So I urge you to head on over and make sure that your a Gold member at one of the best banner advertising sites online.

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  1. Thanks Steve. I went over there and used the Promo Code WELCOME. I completely forgot about this program. There are so many out there. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Steve!

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