I have opened the doors to my new site http://ReadyToGoTrafficSites.com a site that sells sites that I build.

For years now I have been building sites for other people, yes some of the traffic exchanges and mailers that you use could well be ones that I have built for the owner.

Last year I decided that I wanted to build sites that are different instead of more mailers and traffic exchanges but no one came to me with any ideas for different sites. That lead me to decide that I was going to build them with the ideas that I have, then list them up for sale for others to buy and own.

So Ready To Go Traffic Sites is the place where that can happen.

These new sites will also come with opportunities and that means an opportunity for you to be a JV launch partner and be able to promote right from the world go, something that maximises your commissions and an opportunity sought after by many a owner.

So part of my Ready To Go Traffic Sites website is where you can login and find out what the next launch is and jump in to that launch if you wish to promote it.

The best bit is that we will notify you of new launches and when there is another site for sale, so head on over and register today. It is completely free to register and no up sells or upgrades, unless you want to buy a site that is.

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  1. very cool idea, Steve! I’ll be watching your JV announcements and looking forward to seeing the new ideas come to life

  2. Ronald Nelson says:

    I bought a scrip but dont know how to set it up.
    Ronald Nelson

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Hi, click he support desk link at the top right of the page and drop me a ticket, Im sure there some things I can help you with.

  3. Ronald Nelson says:

    Are you located in US?

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