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Have Your TE As Part Of Steve's Surf 123 Promo!

By being one of select few traffic exchanges that host Surf 123 members that surf your TE can claim Steve Points and Prize Wheel Spins by entering their username on the Surf 123 page that they find surfing on page 123 each day.

We handle all the points giveaway, all the redeeming and prizes etc all you need to do is add the Surf 123 URL into rotation on page 123 (LFMTE owners can add it as after page 122).

The page displayed will look like the page shown on the left. Please note: you cant see the prize page unless its shown inside your TE as it is set to only be allowed to be displayed at approved resources so others cant use it without paying and so members cant go to the page direct.

Please make sure that you show it only on page 123 not every 123 pages as each member is limited to how many times they can claim per day.

Key Points About Why You Will Want To Be Part Of This Promo

* It Costs Just $10 A Month Unlike Other Promos That Cost A Lot More.

* We Handle All The Prize Awarding & Cost Of Prizes.

* Easy To Set Up & Then Virtually Hands Free.

* Over 3200 People Collect Steve Points

* People Are Always Asking Where To Get More Points So They Will Surf Multiple Sites Meaning You Could Get Lots Of Members From The Other Sites In The Promo

* Your Site Is Seen On The Participating Sites Lists In All Steves TE's & On The Blog And Points Site (This banner spot is worth $10 per month on its own)

* Sites That Are Part Of This Promo Will Be Exchanges That Steve Will Promote Too

I have some graphics that you can use on your site to promote the fact that you have Surf 123

and if you also want you can add this code to a (content page) inside the LFMTE script and it will create you a page that explains it to members. To see what it looks like check out my page on Just Good Traffic. It auto fills site name but any non LFMTE owner will have to replace that macro with their site name.

The cost of being part of this great promo is just $10 a month which makes a part contribution to all the prizes that we give out. There is no profit in this for me, In fact I estimate it will cost me $80 a month if all slots are sold. Once set up on your TE it is hands free for you.

Please note: bookings are in 6 month blocks $59.99 as we promote the promo to members regularly and want them to get used to which sites are included not changing each month.

So if you want to be part of this then let Steve know you want in by submitting a support ticket here. (Price is per TE)