I have put together a selection of special deals for Black Friday and you can see them all below:

(I have a policy of not having lots of login offers for specials on items already available in the members area as the prices inside are our always low prices. This means you get the same price whenever you chose to buy. So to stick with this all deals here are not packages available inside with exception of the login ads but only selected dates are reduced meaning you cant get them at the normal full price anyway)

Because of the above policy, worth prices shown are what they would be sold at if available inside in relation to current price/quantity figures.

It is important to grab these deals while you can as we do not have fall sales, Christmas sales etc. In fact this last year we have only had a Black Friday sale so do not miss out, you might never see these items again let alone get them at such a great price.


All of the following sites have half price login ads, reduced from $10 per week to only $5 per week. Just Good Traffic, Easy Cash Advertising System, Easy Cash List Building System, Cash Track Bar, Daily Mail Blaster, 7 Dollar Ads, 7 Dollar Sites & Brand A Splash.


At Mail Our List we also have the following offers:

25,000 Square Banners (worth $12.50) Only $7

25,000 Mailing Credits (worth $30) Only $17

50,000 Mailing Credits (worth $55) Only $27

Lifetime Silver Upgrade (worth $197) Only $97

Lifetime Gold Upgrade (worth $397( Only $197


At Just Good Traffic we also have the following offers:

25,000 Banners & 25,000 Texts (worth $12) Only $5

4,000 Credits (worth $14) Only $7

12,000 Credits (worth $32) Only $17

Lifetime Gold Upgrade (worth $97) Only $57

Lifetime Platinum Upgrade (worth $197) Only $97


To purchase any of the offers simply login to your account at the site you wish to purchase from and you will see them as a login offer. If you miss it or want to purchase more, simply log out and back in again to see it again. It will show every login during Black Friday.

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