There are a lot of sites out there doing Black Friday sales already, heck in fact some have been doing them for about 3 weeks believe it or not.

However not many of them actually mean anything as they have sales and offers all the time. One of the traffic exchanges that has had a login offer for black Friday for a couple of weeks now had the same offer a few weeks before under a different name.

Here at my sites I am going to do a Black Friday sale but I will only be doing it on Friday. As it should be really.

You might have noticed that my sites do not have special offers or sales on very often as the sales pages seen on login are the same great value as inside, in fact most of them have not had one since last Black Friday, a couple had one for the January Sales as we have over here in the UK.

The reason for not having many offers and sales is that I decided to go for always low prices meaning that, what some have as sale prices we have all the time so this made it really hard to find some offers to do this Friday.

My only option was to reduce some prices to far below what I would normally even consider doing, all in the name of finding something to offer and giving everyone a great deal.

So keep a look out as you login to my sites on Friday as I have some incredible offers for you that you might never see again and if you do it will probably be next Black Friday if I don’t do a January Sale this year.

Remember, unlike others that have Christmas/Holiday sales I instead have my 12 Days Around Christmas promotion where I give everyone little gifts at my sites each day for the 12 days. So you can afford to miss the offers at other sites as they will probably repeat them at Christmas but at my sites, you really cant afford to miss our one day Black Friday sale.

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