As you may have seen online Black Friday is a very special day for the Internet Marketing niche.

You see everyone has lots of great offers available, in fact its known as that time of the year where you can get things for prices never offered at other times of the year.

So I wanted to let you in on what I have planned for Black Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

This is coming at a great time of year because it means I can implement one of my planned changes this weekend because of it being the Black Friday Weekend.

I have 4 more changes to make at my sites to complete this year long transformation into a well planned out funnel and training rich network of sites.

Let me just quickly mention the other 3 changes and then I can explain the Black Friday one.

1) I am redoing all the downline builders in my sites to accommodate a set number of established sites that I have proven to consistently deliver results and owned by active owners that support members and my plans.

2) I am altering the commission payout structure to mean you get your money faster. Now we have completed the move to mass pay I can now start paying commissions weekly instead of monthly.

3) I have a huge set of auto responder emails to go into each site which not only help and guide you along your journey with us but also teach you about things I have learned over the years and at the same time reward you for reading them. They will be integrated with surf codes and prizes and keep you informed of promotions etc.

Ok now to number 4) This works well with Black Friday because I am ready to roll this change out. After talking to some members about what they do and do not like about Traffic Exchanges and Mailers one thing kept popping up. It was members frustrations of buying a pack of credits only to find next time they login a cheaper offer or the fact that when they really needed credits there was no offer available so instead waited for the next lot of offers.

I felt the need to address this as we are providing an advertising service and people need to be able to advertise their sites when they want to. There are all different reasons people promote more on certain dates and I wanted everyone to be able to benefit from this.

So here is the change. The login special offers are going….. They are being replaces by always low prices. Yes prices have been reviewed and if I can offer them at a certain price for a promotion then why cant I do it all the time. So this is how it will be, always low prices when you need them.

Ok but what about this weekend then, Well you see, A couple of things are happening this next month and the biggest is the adding all these emails into the systems. This is a very time consuming job and to be able to do all this I will have to slip a little on promoting etc. So this is where this weekend comes in. While I will never be a traffic exchange that normally offers a thousand credits per dollar and that is because I know with the quality traffic we produce we can utilise the credits ourselves promoting affiliate products and make more than that for this weekend only I am going to give you the chance to stock up massively on credits so that there are loads of sites rotating while I spend my time making these last few big changes. Yes these prices and deals will never be seen again and with the big influx of new members coming with my new promotion strategy and the linking of my sites I am going to need more sites rotating ready for this.

Also as the new commission payout structure will soon be implemented I am going to offer some really cool membership offers at all of my sites. The reason for this is when things are linked and I have the training info in place to lead people through, your going to want to be upgraded to cash in on the higher commissions. These membership discounts will enable a lot more people to become an upgraded member this week and ย be in a position to earn some great commissions promoting the sites. What is more, Upgrade now and be upgraded when the offers end and make the bigger commissions. Yes you could make more from one sale than what your going to be able to get a lifetime membership upgrade for this weekend.

So hope that explains whats coming a bit more, and the last few changes and exciting times to come. So do not miss out this weekend, We already pay some of the best commissions in the business and now is your chance to cash in on the good times.

These offers are for this weekend only and as business has grown to a state where I no longer need to continuously run specials in order to pay the bills unlike some that constantly throw discounts in your face as they need a quick buck. I am working towards a fair constant price for all and the ability to cash in for those who invest and promote. Offers in the future will not be packages available inside the site so the price you see it at inside is the always low price.

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  1. Tom Wacker says:

    Mr. Ayling, I believe you are on to something. Good on you for taking a ‘chance’ and doing things differently! I wish you the very best of luck with it!!

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Just trying to solve an issue the members brought up, If thats what people want then its my duty to provide it ๐Ÿ™‚

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