Sorry, this post is a couple of days behind when I said I would be posting it but I am working on a site for a client and running a little behind with that.

So here it is, the goodbye post as I close the blog and membership area and move on to new things.

So let me first explain what’s going and what is staying.

I am closing the blog and also the membership area with the reward points etc.

I will still be operating Ready To Go Traffic Sites where I build and work on sites for other people however,

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So, it’s my 40th Birthday on Friday and that will be marked by the end of a big chapter in the form of my blog and sites.

As you may know, I am closing down the reward points part of my site dude to lack of use. About 2 people a week login now so it’s not worth keeping it open.

At the same time, I have decided that I will also be closing down this blog. Yes, you read it here first.

Nearly 15 years this blog has been running and it will be a very sad day to see it go but if you are reading this then sadly you are one of just a handful that still does read it.

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