I had a couple of support tickets over the weekend about the Black Friday offers that I did.

One person wishes they was on another day as  they spent all day Friday in the stores buying physical goods and another wishes he had purchased two lots not one.

Well the good news is that as in previous years I am doing the offers again today for Cyber Monday.

One last chance to save big before the offers are put to bed until next year. Do not miss out and make sure that your ads are in front of all of our Steve Point collectors.

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It is that time of year where everyone puts on some Black Friday offers and well I do not like to miss out on the fun too.

So make sure that you login using the link at the top of the page and you will see the offers every time you login during Friday.

I do not do special login offers all year round like a lot of places. We have constantly low low prices and that means that most if not all of the prices you will see today have not been seen since this time last year and probably wont be seen until next year too.

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Massive news today is that I have sold my two biggest websites and I wanted to let you all know why.

I have been super busy promoting my Traffic Club as that has grown massively and requires more attention and nearly all of my advertising resources.

Therefore I have not been able of late to give those two sites the time and promotional space needed to take them to the next level.

So I found a new owner for them that has already promoted his existing safelist a lot and spends a lot of time online promoting so this is just what it needs.

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