Today I wanted to talk about how most TE and Mailer owners buy and use too many mods.

I do a lot of work on Traffic Exchanges and Mailers for owners like cleaning them up and restructuring prices and settings etc.

While doing that work I have noticed one big thing most TE and Mailer owners have in common.

They all buy and use too many mods.

I do need to point out that mods come in two categories and we are talking here about just one of those categories of mods.

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As someone who has built over 25 Traffic Exchanges and Mailers since 2003 (Either for myself or others) I know what it takes to make a Traffic Exchange or Mailer stand out from the crowd.

The trouble with Mailers and Traffic Exchanges is that most owners get something wrong right from the start. It is huge and it can really affect how their site does.

In fact, getting this wrong is the biggest cause of so many owners not being able to make ends meat let alone a profit from their site.

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As a TE or Mailer user or owner, there are a lot of great sites about that you should be using or even promoting to others because they are of great benefit.

The trouble is that so many sites after the big PP issue have become dormant or admins have gone awol.

This is a big issue in two parts. Firstly the site is or may not be maintained by the owner meaning service grinds to a halt or the site fails to grow.


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