One thing I really love about banners is that it gets your site name and colors/logo in front of people while they are surfing the web.

There is nothing like a quick reminder about your program or site to make people return.

That is branding and that is on top of people actually clicking on the banners to come to your site. You can actually get some great results from banner clicks and that is because someone liked what they saw and decided to click for more information,

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It is pretty easy to get referrals to any program, you just simply promote your referral links. However earning commissions from those referrals can sometimes be a lot tougher than just promoting your link.

We all know that it is easy to advertise a Traffic Exchange inside another Traffic Exchange because the members already know what they are. Same with promoting Mailers inside other Mailers.

The thing is now that there are so many Traffic Exchanges and Mailers about that people cant upgrade in them all so the take up rate for upgrading from referrals found in other sites of the same kind can sometimes be fairly low.

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I thought I would write a post about video autoplay.

As a buyer of a fair few login spotlights I sometimes read the feedback that I get on my sales pages and some of the things said really bug me.

From the last lot I ran this week here is an image that highlights a recurring theme in the comments and one that makes no sense at all from a marketing standpoint.


It seems that a lot of people that are marketing online do not like Autoplay videos and my question to that is why not?

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Post Categories: Ideas, Tips & Tricks