So everyone loves Black Friday and Cyber Monday and you can get some really good deals too.

Well, I set out to have a look at what bargains could be found this morning and I have found a really good one.

This is the best Cyber Monday offer that I have found this year in the Traffic Exchange and Mailer niche.

It is very important to keep learning as much as you can and learning a new technique and implementing it can actually make your sales increase big time.

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I love it when the Mailer and Traffic Exchange industry gets a new site that actually looks good.

Too many sites open up with the standard out fo the box look and also sometimes just a basic changed header and standard sales page copy.

But when an owner puts the effort and money in to really make a site that looks the part then I am all over helping to promote it.

Banner Blitz Mailer is owned by Greg Hickman who if you have been in the industry a while will know is already an experienced owner with some big and good sites.

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I get support tickets all the time asking where I get the best results and how different styles of ads work for me.

Although I do not have the time to go into depth about this with everyone I thought I would share a few places on my blog.

So today I wanted to talk a bit about banner ads and most of you will know that I have always been a big fan of them.

In the Traffic Exchange and Mailer world, you can typically get about one click per 1000 impressions but there are some places out there that better that.

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