I have spent the past week changing my ads and deleting email templates everywhere so that they now promote my Traffic Club and members area instead of the sites that I sold.

While I was doing that I thought before deleting all these I should have a look and see which have been the best performers in relation to the mailers, so I logged in to my tracker.

I had a look at how many hits the mailers sent me and the click through rates as well as looking at the results in both signups and generated sales from those signups.

Here are the top 5 performing mailers from my last few months of email promotion.

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List Mailer Plus is a brand new site by Kenny and Sammy Kolijn and it has just opened its doors.

I have worked with these two guys for a long time and they always produce great sites and this is no exception.

I have been playing around with it for the last few days and its really well built and looks really clean and tidy too.

As you will know there are mailers and traffic exchanges launching every week but not many actually get onto my blog.

The problem is a lot of new ones by inexperienced owners just don’t make it past the first year. However that can not be said of the sites from these two guys,

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So we are now over 24 hours since Tezzer Mail launched and I have been using it since launch and promoting it.

Well I was actually testing it a bit before launch, I sent an email out a few days before launch to make sure it all worked etc as I was lucky enough to get access as a JV partner.

So lets have a little look at this new viral mailer and see what is what.

First off a big thing for me on new sites is the design, does it have a nice design or is it just a basic header image thrown on top of the standard sales page layout and Tezzer Mail has not only a nice design but it has its own custom sales page too which looks great especially the signup button how it drops down to a form etc.

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