After recent events it has highlighted a major issue in Traffic Exchange sites that was mainly being ignored by the owners or the owners that did understand it just did not know how and if they could correct it, so can you change and save a TE?.

Someone built a lot of Traffic Exchanges for people and filled them with mods and games that gave away the farm ad basically put the site into a place where it just was no longer viable to run.

This lead to most sites built by that person either going offline or giving up and that would seem like the end of the road for that site.

Recently some have changed hands to new owners and they are slowly making changes but I work a lot with someone who most of you will know likes from time to time to push limits etc.

He acquired a Traffic Exchange a while back that was in massive debt and each day giving out more than what came in, You see a traffic exchange is a business and the books need to balance at the end of the month and this TE was not set up in a way to do that.

My advice to him was to close the site down and give up, sometimes it is best to let these badly set up TE’s die but he didn’t want to do that, he was sure he could save it and do it for the members that had lifetime accounts there etc.

So he came to me to help and that is what we set about doing. We was sure we could change and save this TE.

Well I am now happy to confirm that the site has been set up in a way that will keep it sustainable for the long terms and all members who had accounts there can still get into their accounts now 🙂 Your accounts and upgrades was saved.

This proves that a TE can be saveable no matter what state it is on but you have to make sacrifices and it involves a lot of work.

So everyones accounts are still there if you had one and although you will not get quite the same rewards for your account it is now set to sustainable rewards and im sure you will agree anything is better than it going offline and being lost forever 🙂

If your not yet a member then signup now at Viking Hits

You can even grab some free Steve Points if you join under me as I made this the Join Under Bonus me site inside my members area 🙂


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  1. Edhimelf says:

    I’m sure there are many site’s like what was mentioned hear..Interesting article to read, put’s a perspective that all is not rosy for some Traffic Exchanges Onwer’s…

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yes far from it, some are barely holding on at the moment and when you see how they set up its not hard to see why. For some reason many owners do not understand numbers that you cant give out more than what comes in and the more you give out the less people need to buy so the less comes in and then you end up in a right pickle.

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