The industry we work in has gone through some changing times over the last year. Some of us are still going strong while others not so great.

There is a list knocking about online with over 450 Traffic Exchanges and Mailers that have closed their doors. It is a sure sign of changing times and those that survive need to make some changes too.

So either by luck or hard work I am still going strong but I notice others are not doing so well as I go about my weekly tasks.

During these changing times we have seen a big slow down in the number of people using our services. Ads are not being seen as much as they used to be so it means the value of those ads have reduced.

Some owners though are just not changing their prices to reflect this and this can be told by how little they are selling.

A good example of this is Login Spotlight ads that a lot of sites sell. I like to buy these, it is a way of being seen without much effort as you can just buy and add your URL and away you go.

However I login to site after site on a quest to spend my advertising budget and I can see green days all over the place. In fact I will go as far as to say that 90% are just all green. Not one slot booked.

The big issue is I just cant buy them at the prices you are asking, Some are asking prices they was asking a year ago when things were twice as good as they are now.

Owners need to realize that in these changing times you need to be changing your prices and I am going to tell you why…

You might think your login ad is worth $3 a day or $20 a week but if your not getting people booking it at that price then it is not worth that. Things are only worth what people will pay.

Try reducing your prices by say 25% and then mailing out to your members about the new prices. If you sell some at that price then you have found what they are worth. If not reduce it another 25% and mail again.

I mean whatever you can get for them is better than getting nothing for them right?

I hear an owner of a service site say she is not getting many sales at all and is struggling to have enough to pay for the hosting yet she is still peddling $147 lifetime upgrades. If no one is buying them the price is too high.

Think big, think better. Once you have sale no matter how small it is another buyer on your list and other sales will come when they get good value from what you are selling.

There is a way out and there are some that are doing this too. Changing times combatted by changing prices.

As many of you know I offer a service where I will do work on other peoples Mailers and Traffic Exchanges via my Ready To Go Traffic Sites website and some people have taken me up on that.

One of those is Gary Russeau with his site Social Viral Mailer. This is actually a site I built for him in 2013 via the same service however he wanted to bring it up to date and increase activity and sales. So I set about making some changes, Its now a bit cheaper than most other mailers out there yet it still packs a punch with enough active members to me able to mail the whole allowance for even the highest upgrade. That on its own is something not many mailers out there can boast.

So in an industry of closing sites and changing times if your looking for a site with an owner that is investing in the future not thinking of closing the doors and want to bag yourself a really good bargain then Social Viral Mailer is one you really should check out.

If your an owner looking for some help and advice or wanting someone to make some changes to your site then head on over to my Ready To Go Traffic Sites website and get in touch.

P.S. Social Viral Mailer is also currently the Join Under Me Bonus site so you can grab some free Steve Points for joining today…

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