I had a couple of support tickets over the weekend about the Black Friday offers that I did.

One person wishes they was on another day as  they spent all day Friday in the stores buying physical goods and another wishes he had purchased two lots not one.

Well the good news is that as in previous years I am doing the offers again today for Cyber Monday.

One last chance to save big before the offers are put to bed until next year. Do not miss out and make sure that your ads are in front of all of our Steve Point collectors.

Click the login link at the top of the page and you will see the offers as you login. If you miss them do not worry just log back out and in again as they are set to show every login. I will be taking them off first thing in the morning (My UK time) so that they are there for the whole of the day to anyone over the seas.

Remember we have great deals on banner advertising as well as the option to buy some points per view ads (Not sold inside) and also to purchase Steve Points to use on login ads etc.


Cyber Monday offers have now ended, Thank you for your purchases.

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