Happy Christmas to all my readers and I hope that you have a great day.

I am still a big kid at heart and love to see the smiles on faces when you give out your gifts.

It is even more satisfying than eating a big Christmas Dinner and I am definitely a food lover haha.

So todays gift is a gift for you to give to someone else.

A feature inside my membership area allows you to give away Steve Points to others as a thank you or a bribe etc but today I am giving you a dollars worth of points that you can give to someone else. Maybe you could give two other members 0.50 worth and make someone smile as you thought about them.

All you need is the other members username, maybe you could comment on this post and include your username and see if anyone wants to give their points to you.

Just be nice please everyone, I mean if you have come here every day and collected your gift just because this one is not for you but for you to give then you should really grab this and give it as its meant to be done. I know when I have done this past years I could have 80 people collect a gift one day and on giving day only 7 people claimed it and did it. Remember I can see who claims what gifts so consider it your duty to give too 🙂

Normal Steve Points can not be given so claiming todays code 2018GIVE1 will add 1.00 worth of giveaway Steve Points to your account and then you can simply gift them using the Give Steve Points menu link.

Remember have a great day and comment below wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and include your username for those that do not know who to give to, You could get a lot of Steve Points today..

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  1. Happy Holidays Everyone
    Please Leave your steve point username here so I can give you one
    Thanks Ronnie

  2. Judith Barnett says:

    Merry Christmas…hope everyone has had a wondrous and
    Blessed day and here’s to only success to all in the coming year, ad infinitum!!

    Need some usernames that could use some Steve Points. I’ll send them on their way… and I am not adverse to receiving some myself!! lol


  3. Hi
    ! Steve Point given

    Happy New Year

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